Hand Book Of Electroplating Anodizing & Surface Finishing Technology

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The book covers  Principles of Electroplating,  Technology of Cleaning, Pickling & Dipping, Electrolytic & Chemical Processes for the Polishing of Metals,  Nickel Plating,  Chromium Plating, Hard Chromium Plating , Copper Plating, Electroforming,  Brass Plating,  Silver Plating,  Gold Plating (Gilding), Cadmium Plating,  Zinc Plating,  Tin & Tin Alloy Plating,  Plating for Electronics , The Plating of Plastics & Other Non Metallic Materials,  Anodic Oxidation of Aluminum, Phosphating Processes,  Manufacturers & Suppliers of Machinery & Equipment’s, Suppliers of Electroplating  Chemicals & Materials. 

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